perhaps my main intention in photography is trying to see the things as they really are, but I realize that I can only see them as I am. it is like a proper spiritual practice for me. it is about being very present and mindful. it is about rotating, seeing with new eyes, welcoming new perspectives, being extremely close to the world, and staying with it.

clarity and insight arise in the gap between thoughts, the open ground of Being - Francisco J. Varela
to find the essence of everything, I am looking in the space between thoughts and in the space between things. only through spaces like these, the light can enter. I am quite fascinated by thin strips of light between or on surfaces, light glittering on water, in the atmosphere, holes in fences, the air between everything. photography is about this awareness of everything, about revealing umbilical cords between everything, while clearly reflecting the whole.


spaces with or without dividing lines
light, subtle shades and explicit shapes
closeness and distances
space between things and between my thoughts
ephemerality of all things
still-life converting to still-thought
all these, eternal objects of my work